Add an additional domain (Addon domain)

What is an addon domain?
Let's suppose you have a domain hosted in the control panel cPanel, such as "".  In this case, you can add a supplementary number of domains deppending on you host plan acquired. To add a new domain, like '' on our servers you need to add an additional domain in your cPanel account.

How can you do this?
To add an additional domain to your cPanel account follow the next steps:

1) Login into your cPanel account using the username and password received when you've created the hosting account  for  ''

2) Go to 'Domains' and click on 'Addon Domains'.

3) On the page where you need to complete the addon domain information's write (no www in front) in the first box and the following two, the subdomain files and directory websites will be automatically filled. Select "Create an FTP account Associated with this Addon Domain '. 

FTP user will be automatically generated by the domain name.

4) Use the password generator to generate a password. Or put your password, but try to put a strong password. Passwords like "Maria" or "maria1234" are very weak and are a security risk. The image is an example of strong password generated by a password generator.

Check 'I have copied this password in a safe place', ensuring that you saved it because you'll need it. If somehow you forget the password, you can change it later in the edit menu of 'addon domains' cPanel.

5) After completing the information's required correctly, hit 'Add Domain'.

6) Using your favourite FTP client, login into your account created and upload the website to the server.

7) Login at the registrar where you've bought

8) Add the nameservers for that domain. Our nameservers are:

In this moment, if you've followed the steps carefully, you've realised the necessary settings and you can leave the cPanel and the registrar account.

After a while (up to 4:00 for domains .com, .eu or .com domains up to 24) the DNS changes are propagated and will be accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

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